Motivated, passionate and organized creative that is dominated by right side of the brain and is well balanced with left. I am truthful, honest and humble. I am able to build an environment and ethos where the very best ideas can be born and thrive.

I am experienced team leader with an extensive working knowledge in Print Design, Visual Communications and Advertising, including Merchandising and POP production design. I take pride and passion in my work, and ability to handle several projects at a time, following through to completion. I am certain I can display that, as a professional, and can benefit your team.

: : Inspire and manage teams successfully.

: : Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

: : Strong knowledge in branding and marketing.

: : Digital Workflow Automation.

: : Keep tight rein on budgets.

: : Coordinate work to meet all project deadlines.

: : Extensive knowledge in print production.

: : Producing well-thought-out, creative advertising.

Over 18 years of experience in the field of graphic design, branding, advertising, pre-press, color consistency, design of digital workflows, web design, html and flash. 


AA Degree in Architecture & Design (Yerevan, Armenia)
PCC College Pasadena, CA - GE
Art Center College of Design Pasadena, CA -